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Private Label Product

Advertising Program

Winkler Inc. hosts two advertising groups, ValuBuy and ValuMart, designed to use the buying power of the stores as a group to obtain the best possible deals.
Hy Top
The ValuBuy Ad Group provides a weekly 4 page full-color broadsheet designed for larger stores (weekly sales of $40,000 plus).

Better Valu
The ValuMart Ad Group provides a 4 page tabloid designed for smaller stores (weekly sales of $20,000 to $40,000) as well as a 1 page color flyer.

Numerous services include:

* Advertising Monies from vendors rebated to customers off invoice

* 15 day deal window for each weekly ad

* Customized Ad changes at no charge

* T.O.P. (Temporary Offered Price) - temporary price reductions, signage included

* Group Participation in Winlker Trade Shows

* Special Events throughout the year: six page ads, one-day sales, private   label ads, coupon books, etc

* Custom changes to sign program on Winkler Web Portal


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Director of Advertising: Jason Pace

The Advertising Department can be reached directly at
Phone: 866-753-2611 (toll free) Fax: 812-937-3554